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About Us

The Hearing Garden's mission is to alleviate consumer frustration with hearing aids, and to promote enjoyment of life. Frustration can easily enter the hearing aid acquisition experience. A hideous amount of hearing aid advertising fills our media. It all claims to have the newest, best, most invisible, etc., technology. People can't help but be confused about what source to trust.

Additionally, one's orientation towards the process of hearing better is a predictor of satisfaction vs. disappointment with hearing aids. If you think your hearing loss is a defect which hearing aids will fix, you may become frustrated. If you look at yourself as a person with a certain amount of residual good hearing (not as much as you would like, but with some), you can surely enhance your communications with a set of hearing aids, and find greater joy in life. 

There must be a relationship between the client and the hearing aid fitter for a hearing aid to work for that person.

At The Hearing Garden we test each client audiometrically in a sound booth, using tones, speech, and speech in noise.

Then we spend time with each client, discovering what the situations are where he or she wants to hear better, as well as what needs or limitations there may be. We thoroughly answer every question.

As partners, we select a hearing aid together. We are in close communication with each client to guide her/him through the acclimatization period. During this period we may fine-tune the instrument, depending on input from the client. We may practice several times together how to change the battery or perform any of the other aspects of care that will ensure the client's confidence and self-reliance. 

Family members or friends are warmly encouraged to accompany their kith and kin on any visit to The Hearing Garden, and will be welcome to join all discussions.

Free in-office maintenance and service comes with every hearing aid we sell at The Hearing Garden for the life of the hearing aid. Warranties for factory repairs and loss or damage are also standard with every hearing aid.

The Hearing Garden is on Ridge Avenue about five blocks west of Roxborough Hospital, in Roxborough, in northwest Philadelphia. We are on the #9, 29 and 32 bus routes. Our nearest cross street is Martin Street. We are across from the Interac mansion, and next door to Ollie's Barber Shop. It is a short ride here from West Philadelphia, Bala Cynwyd, Manayunk, East Falls, Germantown, Mt. Airy, Chestnut Hill and of course Roxborough. Those are zip codes 19129, 19128, 19127, 19131, 19004, 19444, 19118, 19119, and 19144.

The owner of The Hearing Garden is Leila S. Martin.

Leila's path to hearing aid technology has been a winding one.  She has had a fascination with Chinese language since childhood, which she pursued in college.  Currently she is enrolled in a Masters Degree program at the University of Pennsylvania, where she is studying communication.

She became a licensed hearing aid specialist with Miracle Ear in 1999.  Since then she has worked as a Hearing Aid Specialist with an otolaryngologist (ENT) team, with audiologists, in retail settings (including Boscov's Hearing Aid Centers) and in private practice.  

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